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Read Matthew to Live Your Life, Read John to Save Your Soul


“This book is so simple, and so clear, that it makes the message of Christ easy to understand for everyone. How to live your life, and how to save your soul—what more do you need?”

—Chaplain Bob Miller,
Ocala Farm Ministry

Simple, Clear, Concise –

Many people don’t know what Jesus said. This book presents exactly what Jesus said about how to live your life and how to save your soul. Not what someone else said, but exactly what Jesus said. He tells us about our priorities, how to relate to God, how to treat other people, how to live our lives, about sin, repentance, and salvation. He gave us a “how to” guide. His words are simple, clear and concise. Jesus doesn’t need a lot of interpretation, He says what He means, and means what He says. It is pure Truth!